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Community Outreach

Inside our dealerships, our employees create community by working together to provide the best service to our customers; however, the Faulkner Community doesn’t stop there! The dedication of our associates and The Faulkner Family Foundation extends our community beyond our dealerships and into the neighborhoods and cities we serve.

The Faulkner Family Foundation is a charitable trust set up by Gail Faulkner in the early 2000s. The intent was for the Faulkner children to carry on their family’s philanthropic spirit by continuing to support charities close to their hearts. While the charity contributes to many different causes, it has been most active in helping to fight cancer, and they have been a key contributor to the Abington Health Foundation. “It is so important for our family to be able to give something back to our community, especially an organization that focuses on the treatment of cancer – something that affects the lives of so many,” said Juliet Faulkner. Giving back to the community is a core value of the Faulkner Organization. For years to come, we are committed to contributing to the communities where our associates live and work.

In addition to the above, Faulkner has made major contributions to Soldier Strong, the American Red Cross, the Auto Dealers CARing for Kids Association, and many other worthy causes. This year, Faulkner employees are actively raising money for the Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania as well as Four Diamonds in Hershey. 

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